Lane Gibson

Research Associate


Lane is a vibrant Research Associate at JBN & Associates, known as much for her unorthodox love for pigeons as for her sharp research skills. A University of Dayton alum, Lane’s path to JBN was paved with a mix of Communications and English – a blend that perfectly suits the detective-like nature of her current role.

At JBN, Lane isn’t just searching for candidates; she’s on a quest to uncover hidden gems in the vast world of talent, bringing a fresh and lively perspective to the search process. She thrives on learning about the unique landscapes of different industries, making each day an adventure in discovery.

When she’s not deep-diving into candidate searches, Lane is a voracious reader, often seen with a book in hand and a thoughtful review ready for her Goodreads followers. This love for stories and narratives is a testament to her belief in the power of understanding individual journeys – a belief that she brings to her work at JBN.

Ellie Doronila