Kristen Catlin

VP of Operations


With her meticulous and analytical nature, Kristen Catlin serves as the VP of Operations at JBN & Associates. An Economics graduate from the University of Michigan, Kristen’s love for her alma mater is evident not just in her degree but also in her vintage 1966 Mustang named “Maize,” a nod to her passion for Michigan football.

Kristen is the backbone of JBN’s operations. From managing the company’s intricate processes and maintaining the books to supervising the research team and preparing comprehensive reports, Kristen ensures everything behind the scenes continues to run smoothly. Identifying room for enhancements and streamlining workflows that propel recruiters to work with heightened efficiency is Kristen’s specialty and one of the reasons why JBN continues to set the pace for the recruiting industry.

Having dedicated over two decades to JBN, Kristen attributes her longevity to her insatiable desire for continuous learning, staying on top of evolving corporate dynamics, and her love of nurturing enduring relationships.

Away from the office, Kristen’s heart belongs to her two rescue dogs, Henri and Roxie, who shadow her every move. Her personal mantra, “Behind every strong person, there is a story that gave them no choice,” speaks volumes to the resilience and the relentless drive she brings to JBN.

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