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Solving Your Manufacturing Recruiting Needs with Speed and Precision

From building materials and textiles to rapidly advancing technology, we’re committed to providing tailored recruitment solutions that drive innovation.

Whether you’re a startup stepping into the world of automation or an established name in metals & plastics, our mission remains unwavering: to find the best talent that aligns with your vision, values, and strategic objectives.

Partner with JBN and experience a recruitment approach precisely-tuned to the rhythm of the manufacturing industry.

Partner with Expertise

JBN remains a dynamic force in the manufacturing industry. Our dedicated approach pairs extensive industry knowledge with unparalleled recruitment expertise. With JBN as your manufacturing recruiting partner, we’ll find your business exceptional talent who can drive innovation by rising to meet sector-specific challenges.

Emerging Technologies

With the manufacturing sector undergoing a transformation driven by automation, AI, and IoT, the demand for professionals adept at leveraging these technologies for efficient production is essential. At JBN, we’re ahead of this curve, connecting our clients to talent with the skills to embrace this digital frontier.

Sustainability Focused

As the emphasis on sustainability grows, the manufacturing industry is pivoting towards greener practices. This has created a need for leadership that understands sustainable methods and can integrate them seamlessly into existing processes. JBN recognizes this trend and works to find professionals who will lead the way in sustainable manufacturing.

Supply Chain Resilience

With supply chain vulnerabilities at the forefront of the manufacturing industry, the demand for professionals skilled in creating agile and resilient supply chains has never been greater. JBN’s expertise lies in identifying and recruiting these strategic thinkers, ensuring our clients are always ahead in managing global supply chain challenges.

Manufacturing Recruiting That Generates Consistent Results

Navigating the diverse sectors within the manufacturing industry requires an intricate understanding of the nuances and challenges each presents. JBN & Associates caters to the specific requirements of these sectors by working with our clients to fabricate a successful approach to manufacturing recruiting.

Building Materials

In an industry foundational to the modern world, sourcing and processing building materials are essential. We recruit individuals adept at managing these intricate processes and can drive sustainable growth.

Metals and Plastics

With the rise in sustainable practices, the metals and plastics sector is experiencing accelerated changes. We specialize in connecting you with professionals who possess a balance of traditional knowledge and an eye for spotting future trends.


In the digital age, the printing sector is more than ink on paper. It’s about incorporating technology, understanding material science, and producing high-quality outputs at scale. Our network includes experts who are masters of both craft and innovation in printing.


Beyond fabrics and designs, the textile industry is at the crossroads of art, technology, and sustainability. We seek out candidates who understand these intersections, ensuring they can lead in both production and innovation.


The future of manufacturing lies in automation. The robotics sector requires tech-savvy individuals who can foresee the role of robotics in various manufacturing scenarios. We connect you with the creative thinkers and innovators in this space.


Machinery isn’t just about gears and levers; it’s about optimizing efficiencies, maintaining safety standards, and integrating smart technology. Our expertise lies in finding individuals who can envision and manage the complexities of modern machinery operations.

Diverse Roles, One Recruitment Solution

In the interconnectedness of the manufacturing industry, each role plays a pivotal part in ensuring operations run smoothly, and products meet the highest quality standards. At JBN, we recognize the importance of placing the right talent in the proper position.

C-Suite/Executive Management: Directing vision, shaping strategy, anchoring organizational culture, and bridging the gap between upper management and operational teams to ensure efficient execution of company directives.

Mid-Level Management: Steering teams, optimizing processes, and ensuring the line-level work aligns with overarching company goals.

Sales and Marketing: Promoting your products, understanding market dynamics, and driving revenue.

Accounting & Finance: Safeguarding your bottom line, ensuring fiscal responsibility, and analyzing financial performance.

Human Resources: Assembling your team, nurturing talent, and maintaining a healthy work environment.

Plant Manager: Overseeing daily operations, ensuring production targets are met, and optimizing manufacturing processes.

Quality Assurance Manager: Guaranteeing product quality, implementing testing protocols, and upholding industry standards.

Distribution Manager: Streamlining product delivery, managing inventory, and ensuring timely and efficient distribution.

Supply Chain/Logistics Manager: Overseeing procurement, ensuring seamless supply chain operations, and optimizing logistics.

Together, we take a comprehensive approach to your hiring needs, ensuring every cog in your manufacturing machine is of the highest caliber.

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Meet the Team That Gets the Job Done

With a rich blend of experience, insight, and passion, each member plays a pivotal role in understanding and meeting the unique demands of the manufacturing industry. Our collective expertise ensures that we find the right candidates and foster lasting relationships with clients and professionals alike. Trust in the hands of a team as committed to your success as you are.

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