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You need a solution where pressures are eliminated, and the path toward top-tier talent or the right opportunity is efficient and effective.

Take Control Over the Competitive Nature of Recruiting

Navigating the talent acquisition landscape can feel exasperating, especially when the right fit always seems just out of reach.

Dealing with poorly matched candidates or hiring managers uncertain of what they’re searching for can cause unnecessary frustration and waste valuable time.

In a competitive landscape, where connections matter, you require the assistance of experienced professionals, not junior associates just filling a position.

You need a solution where these pressures are eliminated, and the path toward top-tier talent or the right opportunity is efficient and effective.

Entrepreneurial Experts Who Convert Insight Into Action

At JBN & Associates, we’re comfortable in the uncomfortable moments that shape the recruiting process.

By embracing the honest conversations necessary to challenge assumptions and reveal hidden perspectives, we give our clients the edge to win the struggle for exceptional talent.

Experience That Matters

With JBN, your recruitment needs remain in the hands of knowledgeable professionals. Our team leverages its extensive expertise to provide valuable insights and deliver exceptional results, ensuring you receive personalized attention throughout the entire recruitment process.

Access to Top Talent

An extensive network and a rigorous sourcing process allow us to connect you with high-caliber candidates, including those not actively seeking new opportunities. With unparalleled access to talent, we go beyond the traditional search to tap into hidden pools of exceptional professionals.

We Adapt to You

With our comprehensive due diligence, research, thorough screening, and tailored recruitment strategies, we take the complexity out of the hiring process while delivering the talent and opportunities that aligns with your company’s culture and expectations.

Flat Fee Structure

We believe in transparency and fairness when it comes to pricing our services. That’s why we have adopted a flat fee structure for our talent acquisition services, setting us apart from competitors who charge a percentage of the hired candidate’s salary.

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Matching Talent with Opportunity

Our team excels at connecting exceptional talent with the ideal opportunities, leveraging our tailored approach to analyze each candidate’s skills, experiences, and goals to ignite their professional growth and success.

Innovating Across Industries

At JBN, we don’t limit ourselves to specializing in only a handful of niche industries. Our expertise extends to a diverse range of sectors, including construction, entrepreneurial start-ups, agribusiness, finance, and more. With a deep understanding of each industry’s unique demands and dynamics, we deliver tailored recruitment solutions that drive your business towards success.

Professional staffing agency consultant

Committed to Your Success

Our team at JBN is comprised of experienced professionals dedicated to transforming your talent acquisition journey. With expertise spanning recruitment strategy, candidate sourcing, and client relationship management, we work collaboratively to ensure a personalized experience. Together, we are driven by a shared passion for connecting businesses with top-tier talent and helping professional candidates find the next step in their careers.

Find the Right Fit

We pride ourselves on our personalized approach to talent identification. With a combination of advanced research techniques, industry knowledge, and extensive networks, we go beyond traditional recruitment methods to uncover hidden gems and connect our clients with exceptional individuals who possess the skills, expertise, and cultural fit necessary for their success.


The Kick-Off

It all starts with a call where we immerse ourselves in understanding your company, culture, and specific talent requirements.


Strategy Development

Once we grasp your unique needs and preferences, we outline a strategy to unlock the ideal match, connecting professional candidates and businesses with exceptional opportunities.


We Stay Connected

We stay closely connected throughout the process, providing continuous support and guidance to ensure a seamless and rewarding experience for both professional candidates and employers.

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